Village Walks South

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Click here for a map showing the location of all footpaths or on an individual footpath for details

Footpath 28     From Old Manor House, Church End Lane - South 800m to Church End
Footpath 29     From High Street, Bird's End Farm - S & W for 750m towards Church End
Footpath 31     From south side of Twyning Green - SW for 300m to join FP 32
Footpath 32     From Fleet Road - W for 600m to road on FP 29
Footpath 33     From Fleet Inn - S along river for 2.9km to join ZTE8 just N of Tewkesbury
Footpath 34     From A38 opposite Pages Lane - W for 900m across golf course
Footpath 36     From A38 Cherry Orchard Lane - SE for 550m to Church End Lane
Footpath 37     Bow Bridge bridal path - S for 1.2kms and NE for 450m to Owl's End
Footpath 38     Stile 150m along lane off A38, opp Church End Lane - S for 380m to FP 40
Footpath 39     As FP38, but starts further down the track and head S for 200m to FP 38
Footpath 40     From A38 Shuthonger House - SW over common for 780m to Tewkes FP 1
Footpath 41     A38 opp Bradley's Farm - SW for 550m, then right for 650m merge BW 37
Footpath 42     Road off A38 south of Shuthonger House - S for 600m to FP 41 Stalls Farm
Footpath 43     From stile on A38 - W for 200m to stile on road
Footpath 44     Paxhill House, Church End Lane - SW for 250m to rejoin Church End Lane
Footpath 45     Church End Lane (left of caravan park) - SE 550m to Woodend Lane
Footpath 46     South end of FP 45 Woodend Lane - E for 400m to North end of FP 47
Footpath 47     Farm track at Church End (south past duck ponds) - S for 1.05km to FP 49
Footpath 48     Gate at Bankfield Farm, Woodend Lane - S for 110m to meet ZTE6/1
Footpath 49     An extension for FP 47 - S for 680m towards The Avon and Tewkesbury

Country Code.

Be safe – plan ahead.
Leave gates and property as you find them.
Stay on the way-marked footpath.
Protect plants and animals.
Take your litter home with you.
Keep dogs under close control.
Poop and scoop – especially on grazing land.
Consider other people.