Listed Buildings

Twyning Listed Buildings

Listed Buildings within the parish are as follows:
Bow Cottage (Grade II)
Bow Cottage Barn (Grade II)
Brookside Cottage (Grade II)
Brockeridge Farmhouse (Grade II)
Granary Cottage (Grade II)
Wood End Cottage (Grade II)
Wood End Farmhouse (Grade II)
Wood End Farm barn and shelter sheds (Grade II)
Hill End Farmhouse (Grade II)
Twyning Farmhouse, including walled garden and dairy (Grade II)
The Bothy, Puckrup (Grade II)
Puckrup Farmhouse (Grade II)
Puckrup Farm, stable block (Grade II)
Puckrup Farm barn (Grade II)
Puckrup Farm barn and pigsties (Grade II)
Puckrup Hall (Grade II)
Gubberhill Farmhouse, Ripple (Grade II)
Cider House at Gubberhill (Grade II)
Towbury Farm barn, Ripple (Grade II)
Crown Cottage, Shuthonger (Grade II)
Shuthonger House (Grade II)
Shuthonger House, boundary wall, gates and gate piers (Grade II)
Shuthonger Lodge (Grade II)
Milestone, A38, Stratford Bridge (Grade II)
Country Choice Cottage, Stratford Bridge (Grade II)
Wall and gate piers to walled garden,
Old Manor House, Twyning Green (Grade II)
Rose Cottage, Twyning Green (Grade II)
Freeman's Court and attached outbuildings Twyning Green (Grade II)
The Old Cottage, Twyning Green (Grade II)
Pound House, Twyning Green (Grade II)
Nos 1 and 2, Twyning Green Cottages (Grade II)
Fleet House, Twyning Green (Grade II)
Avon Cottage, Twyning Green (Grade II)
The Park, Twyning Green (Grade II)
Green Farmhouse, Twyning Green (Grade II)
School Farmhouse, Twyning Green (Grade II)
School Farmhouse barn and attached pjgsties (Grade II)
School Farmhouse barn and shelter shed (Grade II)
Birds Farmhouse, Twyning Green, and attached dovecote and barn (Grade II)
The Fountain, Twyning Green (Grade II)
The Cottage, Twyning Green (Grade II)
Duddage Manor, Twyning Green (Grade II)
Headstones in churchyard (Grade II)
Healing family monument. in churchyard (Grade II)
Glebe Cottage, Church End (Grade II)
The Rookery, Church End, including wall and railing (Grade II)
Tudor Cottage, Church End (Grade II)