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The Steering Group meet monthly to discuss progress on several fronts -

Collation of the information of the current situation                                 Done
Establishing a number of alternative plans for each Theme                      Done
Consultation to establish the feelings of the Residents                             Done
Exhibitions for Results and further feedback                                          Done
Preparation of a Plan with all documentary evidence                               Published in Draft form
Collation of Maps, schedules and other evidence                                    Done
Proof reading                                                                                     Done
Final assessment by SG & H-P                                                             Done
Assessment by TBC to confirm conformity to JCS and TBC Plan               Done
Applying for Examination of the Plan by external adjudicator                  Done
Referendum within the Village for the Plan                                           1st March 2018
Making (Adoption) of the plan


Minutes Meeting 20/02/2014
Minutes Meeting 29/03/2014

Minutes Meeting 10/04/2014
Minutes Meeting 12/05/2014
Minutes Meeting 09/06/2014
Minutes Meeting 07/07/2014
Plan for Meetings to October 8th    This will take us up to the creation of the final questionnaire from which we will draft the policies
Minutes Meeting 01/12/2014
Minutes Meeting 17/12/2014
Minutes Meeting 05/01/2015
Minutes Meeting 09/02/2015      
Exhibition          21/02/2015
Exhibition          01/03/2015
Exhibition          18/03/2015
Minutes Meeting 30/03/2015
Minutes Meeting 23/04/2015
Minutes Meeting 05/05/2015
Minutes Meeting 23/06/2015
Minutes Meeting 07/09/2015
Minutes Meeting 04/02/20
Minutes Meeting 18/02/2016
Minutes Meeting 17/02/2017