Protected Trees

Trees that have Preservation Orders placed on them in the village.


A Tree Preservation Order (TPO) ensures that no person shall cut down, top, lop, uproot or wilfully damage or destroy the tree, nor cause or permit it to be damaged in any way.

Areas containing TPO trees are as follows:

Area 50 Fleet Road. A collection of 13 Sycamore, Lime, Laburnum and Horse Chestnut.

Area 55 Brockeridge Common. A collection of 26 Horse Chestnut

Area 112 Puckrup Hall.  Several species.

Area 158 The White House, Fleet Road. A Horse Chestnut and a Hornbeam

Area 192 Land at Twyning Manor. 29 individual Oak, Beech, Horse Chestnut, Ash, Lime, Sycamore
Hornbeam, Yew and Robina.  Also 5 defined glades each containing a mixture of trees.

Area 198 Land opposite Showborough House. 13 (now 10) Horse Chestnut. Three have recently died and been felled. (Nov 2009)

Area 255 Village Green.  All 14 trees on the Green are protected plus the 3 Silver Birch on the triangle opposite Green Avon.

Area 248 Oaks Bank.  1 Oak.

Area 319 Hillend.  The traffic island at Hillend containing 1 Silver Birch and 3 Walnut. Also an adjacent wooded area containing a mixture of Ash, Cherry, Poplar, Lime, Oak, Sycamore and Willow.   

This list is not definitive. Accurate records are kept by Tewkesbury Borough Council (Landscape Officer)