Planning Applications

Twyning Parish Council Planning Meetings

Meetings will now be held monthly in public to review planning applications in the Parish where the PC has been consulted by TBC for a view. The decision rests with TBC and not TPC, but we have the opportunity to give a view, and combined with our NDP, this will have increasing weight until the NDP is 'made'. At that point it becomes the Local Planning document until TBC have completed their strateic planning document and the two are then combined.

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Getting more information

Planning Applications can be the cause of frustration, concern and anxst. Don't let it worry you until you know what it is all about.
You need to get to the public information all developers need to make available before a planning application can be heard and determined. This is easy
click here
and it will tke you to the Tewkesbury Borough Council website where you can interrogate the system. I suggest you start out with a Simple search of "Twyning" with a Status of "Current".


This will bring up all the current applications in reverse order - latest first. Once you have clicked on a particular application, you are able to "Track" that application and you will be notified when new documents are uploaded. This is a useful site and allows you to keep pace with the activities of your neighbours!