Parish Council Meetings

Twyning Parish Council meets on the second Monday of every month (excluding the August recess and December when the meeting is on the second Wednesday) at Twyning Village Hall or occasionally at the Ann Townend Hall. Meetings commence now at 7.30pm and members of the public are welcome to attend. Agendas are normally posted on Parish Council notice boards one week prior to the meeting. Minutes can be viewed below and are also displayed at the Village Hall and on the notice board outside the Twyning shop.
Please click on the Minutes or Agenda that you wish to view.

2018 2019
TPC  Minutes  December    TPC Agenda    December    Planning Agenda
TPC Minutes November    Planning Minutes TPC Agenda    November    Planning Agenda
TPC Minutes   October      Planning Minutes TPC Agenda      October      Planning Agenda
 TPC Minutes  September  
TPC Agenda    September   Planning Agenda
                       August      Planning Meeting TPC Agenda      August        Planning  Agenda
TPC Minutes      July  TPC Agenda       July            Planning Agenda
Extraordinary Meeting June    
 TPC  Minutes     June     TPC Minutes       June          Planning Minutes 
 TPC  Minutes      May   TPC Minutes        May          
TPC Minutes Annual Parish Meeting   TPC Annual Parish Meeting
 TPC  Minutes     April   
TPC Minutes        April         Planning Minutes
 TPC  Minutes    March       Planning Minutes TPC Minutes      March        
 TPC Minutes  February      Planning Minutes TPC Minutes    February       Planning Minutes
 TPC Minutes  January       Planning Minutes TPC Minutes     January       

 Ann Townend Hall, Church End 

 2017  2016
Council Meet            Planning Meet Council Agenda/Minutes
TPC Minutes   December 2017   Planning Minutes
TPC Minutes  November2017   Planning Minutes Minutes 12th December 2016
EGM  TPC Minutes  October 2017 Planning Minutes Minutes 21st November 2016
Draft Budget & Precept 2018-2019  Minutes 17th October 2016
TPC Minutes September 2017 Planning Minutes Draft Budget & Precept 2017-2018
                   14th Aug Planning Minutes Minutes September 2016
TPC Minutes 10th July  Planning Minutes Minutes July 2016
TPC Minutes 20th June Planning Minutes Minutes 20th June 2016
Parish Accounts 2016-2017 Parish Accounts 2015-2016
TPC Minutes 15th May Planning Agenda Minutes 16th May 2016
TPC Minutes  May 2017 Annual Parish Meeting Agenda 26th May 2016 Parish Meeting
TPC Minutes 24th April  Planning Minutes Minutes 18th April 2016
TPC Minutes 21st March 6th Mins Planning20th Mins Minutes 21st March 2016
TPC Minutes 15th Feb  Planning Minutes Minutes 15th February 2016
TPC Minutes    JAN    Planning Minutes Minutes 18th January 2016