Time to ring the changes? You could become a Parish Councillor

May 2019 is the month for re-electing your Town councillors and also your Parish Councillors.
And for putting your name forward for Twyning Parish Council.

So both Tewkesbury Councillors and Twyning Councillors lose their seats and need to reapply.
You can, of course put your name forward and seek election as a Twyning Parish Councillor - and if you have views on what is going on locally, you should. One thing is certain, allowing the same thing to continue and expecting a different outcome is a folly. So if you want to see change or different outcomes, then you shoulds seek to be the change you want to see. And put yourself forward. Make no mistake, if you get involved it will take up some time, and if you don't get involved, why are you doing it anyway?

The process allows for election by default if 9 or less Councillors apply to be members. If more than 9 apply then the Parish has to fund an election and a vote will be taken on the same day as the Tewkesbury Council elections. This is an expensive exercise, so only put your name forwards if you want to be an active member and take part.

If you'e thinking about it - great! Drop a line to the Parish Clerk and she will forward details on how to apply when the time comes.
And if you not thinking about it, then maybe you should. Especially if there are matters you want sorted out, and especially if you are a lady. We only have one on the current Council so you are under represented.