The Herbert Protocol

Do You Know About The Herbert Protocol?
Are you looking after someone who suffers from dementia, and have concerns about what will happen if they go missing?

You can help by signing up to the Herbert Protocol, a scheme which enables police to have quick access to a range of relevant details about the missing person which may help locate them - things like previous addresses and special locations, hobbies and regular routines.
These may be hard to recall in the panic of realising your loved one is missing, but could save vital time.
All you have to do is download a form from our website, fill it in, keep it safe and hand to police in the event of having to report the person missing.
Gloucestershire Constabulary is working with the Alzheimer's Society to promote this scheme, named after war veteran George Herbert who died whilst missing and trying to return to his childhood home.

For more details visit our website:…/the-herbert-protoc…/ and fill in this form:…/herbert-protocol-fo…
You could save a life!