Are You Ready?

This is not a preppers manual but a handy leaflet prepared by the Gloucestershire Resilience Forum on what you need to do to be ready for an emergency. What Emergency? Well what would you do if:

There was another flood
Or a long term electricity failure
No Water again
A big accident on the motorway and a chemical spill that might drift in the wind to Twyning ?
All of these and many other scenarios are not really likely to happen, but then some did. So it is best to think about how you would handle a mid-winter electricity outage (when do these things ever happen in mid-summer heat waves?)
And it is a good idea to consider not only how you would manage the situation but what help you could be to your elderly neighbours, or the disabled person a few doors down.

Have a look through the Booklet that is available here:

Out of interest the most likely thing to happen is a flu pandemic - or so the pundits tell us. So not a bad idea to work out what to do then.
Just saying ...