Helping those At Risk

Keeping an eye on our neighbours is part of living in a community. And here in Twyning we have a great community.
It is easy though to get complacent about this so we should all be aware of our immediate neighbours and what their needs are - particularly at times of difficulty.

Like when we had a water shortage a couple of months ago. Or if there was a sudden cold snap, or we were cut off by snow and ice, or there was a large fire in the area, or electricity outage. There are plentry of occasions when we should be looking out for our neighbours and especially the elderly.

Twyning has an Emergency Committee that is prepared for certain harsh emergencies, and they have an At Risk register of local people who have asked to be checked at such times. This list is not large, and definitely not large enough. So please have a chat to your local neighbours and see if they are willing to be placed on this (confidential) register and then the Emergency Committee will know about them and make provision for them in times of difficulty.

The Emergency Committee only deals with situations and residents when there is an emergency of significance. It is not a replacement for a Good Neighbour Scheme and there is a strong case for the development of a Twyning Community Network to take up the day to day slack of shopping, transport, diy and the all the various things that go to making life for our elderly easier and more comfortable. If you think this is a good idea, why not visit the Facebook page and volunteer to start one up, or join in with others ?