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Hanley Castle School Run:

Anyone interested in their children being a part of the daily lift to Hanley Castle school, should register their interest with the School Run Team by email. We currently have a couple of spaces left and they tend to go quite quickly, so reserve your place now!

Twyning Community Minibus are looking for volunteer drivers....

You will be trained to MIDAS standards by our own team, and you will be asked to drive for community events - such as taking a community group out for a shopping trip, or for tea at a cafe or to the theatre etc. We are also starting the Hanley Castle school run soon, so may need some reserve drivers in case. For the most part these trips will be to help out community groups, and we won't be asking you to drive too often, just the occasional day or just a a few hours. If you'd like more details please contact our Coordinator by Email

 Twyning now has a new Peugeot 17 seater Minibus Lite - a new flagship for the Parish, and we urge residents and local clubs and associations to support this new venture.

The minibus is a 16 seater, plus driver with disabled access, a side loading door and a tow bar too. It is available for Twyning Residents to use, and can also be available for non Twyning people if not in use locally. Users contribute to the running costs by donating a recommended £65 per day or £35 per half day, and 45p per mile. When compared to commercial rental rates this is a very cheap way of taking advantage of the facility.

TPC can arrange MIDAS training for any drivers where their organisation policy requires drivers to be covered.
Self drive is available to residents and parishioners where the use of the minibus is 'not-for-profit'

In regular use by local groups, Scouts, Sports Teams, Schools, Real Ale trips, outings for the elderly and many more the Community Minibus still has plenty of scope to help out other groups, local companies or individuals. Booking is arranged by

Coordinator      Tel:  07017 344688                                                             How to Book the Minibus
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Please take note of the Terms and Conditions and also the How to Book process.    
 School Run Team
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