2018 Referendum Version of Twyning Neighbourhood Development Plan 

April 2018: The Neighbourhood Development Plan is due to be "Made" (ratified and accepted in it's entirity) by Tewkesbury Borough Council. Once this is done is has full legal effect and will remain the only policy document that covers planning in Twyning until the Borough Plan is made.

March 2018:  NDP Referendum. 95.9% in favour - a resounding result. Especially when you consider this was a 48.6% turnout too. It seems the village like the policies that the Steering Group put together. Thank you for the support and encouragement.

December 2017:  TBC have now done the final part, submitted our NDP to an Examiner and she has now sent back our Plan with the revisions we are having to make. This part of the process is out of our hands and is now in the TBC domain.
The amendments that have been done have left our policies largely intact, and when you hear of other Parishes where 60%+ have bbeen deleted, we have come out of this largely unscathed.
The next step is for TBC at their January meeting, to accept our Plan, and then they have 56 days in which to arrange a Referendum. During this time the residents of Twyning have the chance to read the document (above and below) and then on the apporopriate day, to vote for acceptance.
So please read it and take a view. You can always discuss any part of it with a member of the Steering Group or a Parish Councillor - and make sure your friends and neighbours also know about it. We NEED your VOTE!

July 2017:  Tewkesbury Borough Council are now appointing an Examiner to go through the NDP and make sure it aligns with the various legal requirements. TBC are satisfied with the content, and therefore that they can satisfactorily defend the policies in court or at appeal, and now we are raching one of the last hurdles. Once the examinsation is complete there will doubtless be some changes recommended and these we will address. The final stage is the referendum where you, the residents of Twyning Parish, are able to confirm your approval!

June 2017:  The Document is now completed!

The Plan is now at Regulation 16 status and Tewkesbury Borough Council are now in the consultation phase. You can access this Here.

This allows you to make additional comments by sending them an email. Once this consultation is over, we will be looking at the comments and taking them into consideration prior to the document being sent to an Examiner.

June 2017:  The NDP document together with the proof of Consultation and proof of Conformity have both been delivered to Tewkesbury Borough Council, and are now being checked by the legal team to satisfy them,selves that the policies are defendable. The June 19th Parish Council meeting will have a proposal to ratify the documents and this Minute will then trigger TBC into a further public consultation and an Examination. So now we wait until this process is complete. In reality, our NDP should be 'Made' and published finally by the end of the year. Doubtless there will need to be some modifications along the way but they should be relatively minor - although that will largely be down to the Examiner to judge. 

April 2017: It has been through the regulation 14, 6 week consultation period which allowed residents to read the near completed NDP and comment on the contents. It is now going to be presented to Tewkesbury Borough as our finalised document for a further consultation prior to being sent out for Examination by a nominated examiner. After that it goes to a parish referendum. In order to go to TBC for the next phase, we are preparing a consultation document and a compliance document. We anticipate presentation to TBC by the end of April.

February 2017: Overwhelmingly, the responses were very positive and only a few constructive comments, with one spoilt entry. The Steering Group were gratified that their work was largely apporved of and the confirmation enabled them to progress to the next stage.

Tewkesbury Borough Council (TBC) studied the Plan, going over the various policies with a fine-toothed comb, and provided reams of very valuable feedback. Much of this was agreed and at a follow up meet in March, the queries were resolved.
The Plan is now being re-designed and prepared for printing before it goes formally to TBC for Examination.
TBC will send the documents to an Examiner who will satisfy themselves that it meets the criteria set out in the NPPF and respond with suggestions to amend. Once those amendments are done, then TBC will go out to final consultation and then Referendum.

So the end is in sight and once the Plan is 'made' Twyning will have a little protection from speculative building, and TBC will have the opportunity to turn down applications if they dson't meet the needs of the village.

November 2016:  After months of work, numerous meetings, questionnaires, surveys, presentations and data gathering, we are now ready to submit the Neighbourhood Development Plan for a 6-week public consultation.

Parishioners and statutory consultees are invited to study the document and make representation to the Parish Council (PC) and NDP Steering Group (SG). Parishioners will receive a leaflet and an opportunity to respond with their comments, both on-line, on paper or by e-mail. Once the consultation is over, the PC and SG will consider all responses and amendments to the NDP may be made. Papaer copies of the responses can be handed in at the Village Shop, Village Inn and the Crown at Shuthonger

This final version will then go to Tewkesbury Borough Council our Local Planning Authority (LPA) together with a Consultation Statement and a Statement of Conformity. The LPA will then publicise a further 6-week consultation before appointing and independent examiner. The examiner will issue a report to the LPA who will publish it and consider their position with regards to the Plan. If acceptable, they will then order a referendum where the parishioners of Twyning will have an opportunity to vote to approve the NDP. Providing the Plan is approved, the Borough will check it is compatible with EU obligations and does not breach Convention rights at which time the Plan will be ‘made’.

Long-winded, well yes it is. But the process is to ensure that we are within the guidelines and not going off on a wild tangent.

For those interested, there is an opportunity for residents to see the following document as they stand today -

Latest Twyning NDP version 12  
 Screening Statement for Twyning NDP from TBC, which includes comments from
   Environment Agency comment on TNDP
   Natural England comment on TNDP
   Historic England comment on TNDP
   GCC comment on TNDP re Habitat Regulations Assessment

If you have any comments - please send them here