Twyning Trivia

Twyning Parish Trivia

  1. The name "Twyning" (pronounced "Twinning") derives from Old English and means "place between" (the two rivers).
  2. The Parish has links with Twinings the company that makes the tea.
  3. Showborough House was once owned by the son of the British Prime Minister Stanly Baldwin.
  4. The practice of open field strip system is still carried out today on Upham meadowland is one of the few remaining original open fields of England. It is now designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest.
  5. It is believed that Church End was the original (mediaeval) site of a settlement at Twyning
  6. Shuthonger Manor was once a Victorian school
  7. Twyning Manor gave a home to Parkfield School during World War II
  8. Twyning is listed in the Doomsday Book along with some 37 villagers, 10 slaves and 43 acres of valuable meadow