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No residential area can be self sustaining without a local economy. This means jobs, shops, entertainment and opportunities to be economically active.
Twyning is no different.
To survive the village needs to have a wide range of ages which will include a significant number of people of working age and their efforts will generate income to maintain the local economy. Currently there are available in Twyning:

3 pubs - 2 that serve food and one with a restaurant
1 Village shop that is a full service convenience store
A hairdressers
2 small business estates with multiple operating companies
Several farms and small holdings
Lots of  self employed people providing local services
A large working population that works out of the village or even county.

For the NDP we need to establish if this is sufficient to sustain the growth that the village will need and will get one way or another. If over the term of the plan, 20 years, we have some 80 houses built through natural organic growth, and the potential of a further 80 houses from agreed developments and current applications, then that will mean an additional 400 people in the village or an additional 20%. Where will they work, how many cars will that mean and what will their impact be economically ?

Below is our inital draft of the results from the survey recwently conducted, some statistics for the village and evidence towards our Draft Plan. We woulod invite any comeents from members of the public or local businesses that can add to this work.

NDP Draft Plan - Economy
Draft Questionnaire Economy Summary
ONS Summary
Economy Evidence