How to book the Minibus

Peugeot Booking the Minibus is easy but requires several steps, and you need to understand how the process works.
Blue Bold Entries are important as they have legal or financial implications
Red bold entries are important as you won't get the minibus without !

So here goes ....  


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 Booking Enquiry Page HERE 

  1. Before you book the minibus you should check your drivers licence: You need to have 12 months experience since you passed your test, and be over 25 and under 75. Your licence needs to include B1/D1 class, and BE if you are proposing to tow a trailer.  Generally, the offer is for Self Drive, but occasionally TPC may be able to help with a driver if it is for community use - please call Paul Wilcox for assistance.
  2. Some groups or organisations may need to be MIDAS trained as a part of their operational policies. If you do, and have not had the training, TPC can help with this. Please call Paul Wilcox for assistance
  3. Check the Diary below to see if the date you require is free, or you can call Paul Wilcox to make a booking request This is best done via the booking enquiry page.  Remember to allow time to collect the van, check it over, and at the end clean up after you. This is a Community Minibus, and we do not have an army of staff to keep it clean, so please return it as you would like to hire it. The minibus is NOT available for moving goods or furniture, only people, and it is not available for use as a taxi service.
  4. The donation you will make, will be a lot less than a commercial hire
  5. You will need to be over 21 and under 75 years old
  6. We do need you to have a clean licence or only 1 speeding offence  (3 points) for our insurance to cover you
  7. You will need to email a copy of your driving licence to Paul - AND bring your original so he can see it. 
  8. He will also need a copy of your Endorsements. This is obtainable from - going through this process will give you access to a page you can print off to confirm if you have any endorsements and what they are for. This is another Insurance requirement and without this page, you won't be able to use the minibus. You will need to print a new page every 3 weeks to continue to use the minibus.
  9. Click on Minibus Booking Enquiry Form and fill in and Submit. Paul will make contact and confirm the booking. If you need to know the cost in advance, then please have details of your destination and duration, and we will give you a fair idea of the cost.
  10. You will need to place a deposit of £350, this is to cover the insurance excess. So we are not taking funds off you and then returning them, we recommend that you bring a cheque made out to Twyning Parish Council which we can return to you as soon as we have checked the vehicle for damage at the end of your trip.
  11. On collecting the vehicle you will need to have printed and completed the Minibus Declaration Form HERE - and have signed it.  This you will give to the person handing over the vehicle.
  12. You will need to have paid the generous Donation you are making for the use of the minibus. We have a Paypal Account for this purpose.
  13. Check the vehicle for damage and write down the start mileage (or you will have to accept the closing mileage from the last user).
  14. Make sure it is has sufficient fuel in for your use. You will be charged 30p per mile and this covers any fuel you use. So if you need to buy fuel for any reason, keep the receipt as this will be refunded to you - but ONLY with a receipt.
  15. Go away and enjoy your break!
  16. On returning the vehicle, please make sure it is clean INSIDE and OUT, and you have left no belongings in the van. Anything found, that cannot be attributed to an individual will be disposed of.
  17. Make a note of the mileage again, and try to hand it back to Paul or another volunteer, so you can again check it over and not be held responsible for any damage.

    Booking Enquiry Page HERE

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