How to book the Minibus

Peugeot Booking the Minibus is easy but requires several steps, and you need to understand how the process works.



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Nici Khor
High Street
Tel: 07017 344688    Email us here  

Booking the Minibus is easy but requires several steps which are explained below

  • Before booking the minibus please check your driving licence: You must have held a full driving licence for 24 months, be over 25 years and under 75 years old and have no more than 1 speeding offence (3 points) to comply with our insurance policy. Your licence must include B1/D1 class, and BE if you plan to tow a trailer.  If you are over 70yrs old and under 75yrs old, please see below
  • Minibus usage is for Self Drive, but occasionally TPC may be able to help with a driver if it is for community use - please call Nici Khor for assistance.
  • Some groups or organisations may need to be MIDAS trained as a part of their operational policies. If you do, and have not had the training, TPC can help with this. Please call Nici Khor for assistance
  • Check if the minibus is available in the diary below or contact Nici Khor to make a booking request by using the booking enquiry page. Remember to allow time in your booking to collect the van, check it over and clean it prior to return. This is a Community Minibus, we do not have staff to keep it clean, so please return it as you would like to hire it. The minibus is NOT available for moving goods or furniture, only people, and it is not available for use as a taxi service. The donation you make is less than a commercial hire.
  • Click on Minibus ENQUIRY Form and fill in and submit. Nici will make contact and confirm the booking. Once dates are confirmed with Nici, click on Minibus BOOKING Form and fill in and submit.

 Please email copies of both sides of your driving licence to email to Nici - AND bring your original on the collection day.

  • A copy of any endorsements is also necessary. This is obtainable from No more than 3 weeks before your booking please create a licence ‘check code’ in order to share your driving record with Nici, by email. This record is only valid for 3 weeks so a new code must be shared every 3 weeks if you need to continue to use the minibus. This is an Insurance requirement and you cannot use the minibus without it.
  • On collection of the minibus please bring a printed and signed Minibus Declaration Form (available HERE) and give it to the volunteer handing over the vehicle. Check the vehicle for damage and write down the start mileage (or you will have to accept the closing mileage from the last user). Check there is sufficient fuel for your use. If you need to buy extra diesel, please keep the receipts or we will be unable to refund you.
  • Please pay the Donation you are making for the use of the minibus, preferably by BACS transfer, or by cash or cheque. If paying by BACS please email confirmation to Nici.
  • To estimate the total cost, allow 45p per mile, which covers any fuel you use, in addition to the half or full day donation. A security deposit cheque for £300 made to Twyning Community Minibus is requiredand we will hold this in order to cover the insurance excess in the event of an accident. Your cheque will be returned to you at the end of your booking once it has been confirmed that the minibus has incurred no damage.
  • If you prefer, you could choose to waive the Insurance Excess with £25 day 1,  and £20 thereafter per day.  
  • Enjoy your break!
  • On returning the vehicle, try to arrange a mutually convenient handover time with Nici or another volunteer so you that you can check it over and not be held responsible for any damage.
  • Note the final mileage to check the total miles driven charged at 45p per mile. You will need to inform Nici of the mileage travelled and the mileage charge will then be calculated for you to pay separately.
  • Please make sure the minibus is returned clean INSIDE and OUT and that all your belongings are removed. Anything found, that cannot be attributed to an individual, will be disposed of.

CHECKLIST for collecting the Minibus. Remember to Bring:

The driver’s original driving licence

A deposit cheque for £300 made payable to Twyning Community Minibus, or you can opt to pay the Collision Damage Waiver fee of £25 (£20 or second and subsequent days)

Completed and signed Minibus Declaration Form with Start Mileage filled in

Ensure Payment has been made for the use of the minibus - charge for use is paid in advance, mileage after

CHECKLIST for returning the Minibus. Remember to:

Arrange a return time with the organiser

Clean the bus inside and out

Remove all your belongings

Keep any extra fuel receipts for reimbursement

Note final mileage and pay fuel invoice - by BACS and email Nici 

Ensure deposit cheque is returned to you if no damage to vehicle

Over 70 yr old drivers

  • Before booking the minibus please check your driving licence: You must have held a full driving licence for 24 months, be over 25 years and under 75 years old (*see special conditions for drivers over 70 years old) and have no more than 1 speeding offence (3 points) to comply with our insurance policy. Your licence must include B1/D1 class, and BE if you plan to tow a trailer.
  • Drivers 70 to 75 years – Prior to reaching 70 all drivers have to reapply for a replacement licence from the DVLA. All new licences no longer automatically have category D1, just B and B1. In order to continue to drive a lightweight B cat minibus all 70 plus drivers must satisfy the following conditions:
  1. You have had your driving licence for at least 2 years
  2. You meet the ‘Group 2’ medical standards- please check with your GP if you’re not sure you meet the standards. Guidance on Fitness to Drive
  3. You are driving on a voluntary basis and the minibus is used for social purposes by a non-commercial body
  4. The maximum weight of the minibus is not more than 3.5 tonnes - or 4.25 tonnes including specialist equipment for disabled passengers, for example a wheelchair ramp
  5. You are not towing a trailer

Additionally, although a full D4 medical is not required, Twyning Community Minibus require drivers over 70 to have attended for a free NHS health check within the last 12 months and confirm that they meet the required medical standards. NHS Health Check Information here  


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