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Developers targeting TWYNING

At least 5 developers are actively putting together schemes to build houses in Twyning. There is a current application in for 50 houses on the triangle of land to the north of the ACE show jumping field and south of Brockeridge Paddocks. The other developers are looking at potentially considerably more houses and they are all challenging the Neighbourhood Development Plan the village put together over the last few years.

Tewkesbury Borough Council have a requirement to provide a 5 year land supply and currently this has not been met.

Additionally, they do not have an up-to-date Local Plan and this makes them vulnerable to approaches by developers who point to the National Planning Policy Framework which advocates a presumption in favour of sustainable development. The NDP is a mature document and as such is a material consideration in the outcome of planning applications. 
Should this application be successful in overriding the policies in the NDP, then a dangerous precedent for other opportunities would be established.

We took our allocation under the JCS and Tewkesbury draft plan with the Newlands and Persimmon developments and that should last us to 2031. It is IMPERATIVE that

those of you who do not support this application or any of the pending ones, writes in to Object to the development and below are the policies that are being flouted by this application. Similarly if you are in favour of the development, you too should write in to TBC and support it.

The deadline for objections is August 5th - so don't delay in getting your letters in

19 0531 Site plan

Paragraph 12 of the NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework) states that where a planning application conflicts with a Neighbourhood Plan that has been brought into force,(As the Twyning NDP has) planning permission should not normally be granted. The policies set out in the TNDP clearly represent an expression of how the community wishes to shape its local environment.

In this case the development plan consists of the Gloucester, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury Joint Core Strategy (JCS) 2017, saved policies of the Tewkesbury Local Plan (TLP) 2006, the emerging Tewkesbury Borough Preferred Options Local Plan to 2031 and the Twyning Neighbourhood Development Plan (TNDP) April 2018.

  1. The application is contrary to Policy SD10 of the JCS and GD1 of the Twyning Neighbourhood Development Plan (TNDP). Furthermore, it is contrary to Policy RES3 of the Preferred Options version of the emerging Tewkesbury Plan in that the proposed site is outside the recognised Development Boundary.

Within rural areas located outside of defined settlement boundaries, a restrictive approach is required to new residential development consistent with the advice at Paragraph 79 of the NPPF.

Identified as a Service Village, Twyning included two development sites in their NDP, designated and now implemented to comply with their part of the JCS allocation for individual Service Villages to meet the identified need for additional housing. Twyning has not been identified for a further allocation of sites in the emerging Tewkesbury Local Plan and by definition the exception identified in Policy SD1 (e) & RES3 (7)) does not apply

  1. The application is contrary to JCS Policy SD6 and TNDP Policy GD3 and H2 (2).

An expansion into the open countryside would harm the settlement pattern, the landscape and the way it is experienced. The proposal would not have sufficient regard for local distinctiveness or contribute positively to a sense of place.

The proposed development is not in accordance with these policies and the development plan overall.

In their application the developer makes reference to the Wednesbury Unreasonableness. This is a precedent set in court where the judge ruled that for a situation to be Wednesbury unreasonable, it has  to be "so unreasonable that no reasonable person acting reasonably could have made it" .To suggest that The Joint Core Strategy, the Public Examiner, Tewkesbury Borough Council, Twyning Parish Council and the Parish residents are so unreasonable is at best insulting and at worst, wouldn't reach Twyning  School essay standard. The developer couldn't even spell Tewkesbury correctly! None of that is a reason to reject though and the Planning Committee and Officers need to know whether the residents support or object to the proposal.

Your job is to write in and make your feelings known - go to this page: https://publicaccess.tewkesbury.gov.uk/online-applications/ and enter the following application no: 19/00531/OUT. Click on Comments and then Log in to make a comment

Get out there Twyning and make your feelings known!