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Hanley Castle School Run Opens

We are pleased to announce that the parents of children at Hanley Castle school will be using the Twyning Community Minibus from 16 April 2018 to take their children to school.

It will be starting from Churchend at 08:10, Twyning at 08:15, to arrive at school 08:30. The return journey will be at 15:30-15:35 to arrive at Twyning at 15:50 and Churchend at 15:55.

There will be a saving of £47.50 from WCC charge, and we will be offering a sibling discount of 10% for each extra child, so, for two children you would save £47.50 each plus £52.50 or £147.50 per annum. In addition to this, the parents who take a turn in driving the minibus, will be given an additional discount on your child’s contribution. So your (one) child will travel free on the days you drive. All drivers will be DBS checked and given MiDAS training, the cost of these will be met by the scheme. Facilitated by the Twyning Community Minibus this is the community pulling together

This is a big step for Twyning and has been in the planning stage for several months. For more information please message Paul Wilcox on 07957116735 email link