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Football in the Village? Or another Sport ...

The Parish Council would like to hear from anyone interested in helping to set up childrens football in Twyning. If you have 

 Children aged 6+ to 16, then we are looking to create teams to train them for future glory!
We are looking for a mix of skills - Trainers, Fund raisers, Organisers, a committee to coordinate and lots of kids to pile into training sessions at evenings and weekends. If you think you can bring something to this - we want to hear from you.

Twyning will be the beneficiaries of some money from Persimmon Homes and Newland Homes when the houses are built in the village. Some of this money, will be given to the Council with the proviso that it is spent on sporting facilities, and from the recent survey carried out of Facebook, Football seems to be a favourite. If any parents feel there should be an alternative - hockey, climbing skateboarding etc then please make your feelings known as well. This will soon become a reality for Twyning so the time is now ripe to organise yourselves and getyour proposal in front of the Council.

The site for this is likely to be the field to the rear of the TRAC facility and this is going to need some serious work on it before any ball game can be played here. So in addition to parents, organiser5s, trainers etc, we also need a JCB or two to clear and level the ground, seed it and cut the grass regularly so this can involve the whole village.  We will need goal posts, white lines, water laid on, eventuslly even a club house or an extension the the TRAC facilities. The more you think about it the more possibilities there are.

BUT - and it is a big but, we need the village to get behind this. So all you Managers, Mums, Grandparents and community minded people need to commit to getting this off the ground.