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Goodiers Lane, Twyning

This road will be closed (as per the attached plan) on the evening of the 25th July 2019. This is to allow for Severn Trent Water to maintain flood monitoring equipment. The works takes 1-2 hours but cannot safely be done when water levels are high, so may take place on the following evening if necessary.

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Hanley Castle School Run Opens

We are pleased to announce that the parents of children at Hanley Castle school will be using the Twyning Community Minibus from 16 April 2018 to take their children to school.

It will be starting from Churchend at 08:10, Twyning at 08:15, to arrive at school 08:30. The return journey will be at 15:30-15:35 to arrive at Twyning at 15:50 and Churchend at 15:55.

There will be a saving of £47.50 from WCC charge, and we will be offering a sibling discount of 10% for each extra child, so, for two children you would save £47.50 each plus £52.50 or £147.50 per annum. In addition to this, the parents who take a turn in driving the minibus, will be given an additional discount on your child’s contribution. So your (one) child will travel free on the days you drive. All drivers will be DBS checked and given MiDAS training, the cost of these will be met by the scheme. Facilitated by the Twyning Community Minibus this is the community pulling together

This is a big step for Twyning and has been in the planning stage for several months. For more information please message Paul Wilcox on 07957116735 email link

Dog Poo Prosecution

Following the recent successful prosecution of a fly tipper by Tewkesbury Borough Council, the subject of Dog Poo came up at the recent TPC meeting. The Parish Council would welcome photographic or video evidence of dog walkers not picking up as this is thought to be sufficient evidence for a prosecution for dog fouling. Members of the public are requested to send any such evidence to the Clerk of Twyning Parish Council by email

Village Walks

For those of you that remember the old website, and the long list of walks available, we are starting to migrate these to this site now. If you want to see them all, then they are available from the Council tab, and "Former PC Website" from the side menu

Parish Field to rear of TRAC

Behind the TRAC recreation complex and childs play area is a large field that can be accessed around the side of the play area. It is worth going to have a look at it, if you haven't been up there before. The Parish Council would like to know what you would like us to do with it?

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The Herbert Protocol

Do You Know About The Herbert Protocol?
Are you looking after someone who suffers from dementia, and have concerns about what will happen if they go missing?

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Dealing with Sexual Violence

At the weekend we surveyed our social media followers to find out how many of them knew at least five ways to help a friend preserve forensic evidence after being raped or experiencing sexual violence.

64% of people said they didn't know at least five ways. This might help ...

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Grant Applications to Parish Council

If you run a not for profit organisation or charity, then you may be eligible to a grant from Twyning Parish Council.
You will need to meet certain criteria, and these you can find here
Small Grants - up to £250 can be applied for by sending in the required form to the Clerk by 15th January, for consideration at the February Meeting.
Larger Grants should have been in by 31st October for consideration at the December meeting.

If you want to apply, get your form in tho the Clerk right away!

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