Your time to object to Sand and Gravel Extraction

Pages Lane.

You may be aware that in January, Gloucestershire County Council rejected a planning application by Moreton C Cullimore Ltd for sand and gravel extraction at the site to the south of Pages Lane adjacent to the conservation area of Church End. In July the company made an appeal

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Dog Poo Prosecution

Following the recent successful prosecution of a fly tipper by Tewkesbury Borough Council, the subject of Dog Poo came up at the recent TPC meeting. The Parish Council would welcome photographic or video evidence of dog walkers not picking up as this is thought to be sufficient evidence for a prosecution for dog fouling. Members of the public are requested to send any such evidence to the Clerk of Twyning Parish Council by email

Fly Tipper Fined

The individual who did the fly tipping on Downfield Lane had his come-uppance recently. He was prosecuted and find £200 with £200 costs. It would have been good to see a higher fine, but at least it is a prosecution

Village Walks

For those of you that remember the old website, and the long list of walks available, we are starting to migrate these to this site now. If you want to see them all, then they are available from the Council tab, and "Former PC Website" from the side menu

Parish Field to rear of TRAC

Behind the TRAC recreation complex and childs play area is a large field that can be accessed around the side of the play area. It is worth going to have a look at it, if you haven't been up there before. The Parish Council would like to know what you would like us to do with it?

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Helping those At Risk

Keeping an eye on our neighbours is part of living in a community. And here in Twyning we have a great community.
It is easy though to get complacent about this so we should all be aware of our immediate neighbours and what their needs are - particularly at times of difficulty.

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