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NDP goes to Referendum

The Twyning Neighbourhood Development Plan is going to go to a referendum in the Parish for adoption (or rejection) by the residents.
This is the final stage for a Plan that has been a work in progress for the Steering Group for the last 4 and a half years.

The NDP has been through

a lot of iterations starting with

  1. a general meeting of residents to agree the formation of a Plan
  2. a consultation at the Village Fete
  3. a formal questionnaire circulated to the entire Parish
  4. a draft plan following consultation with planning specialists
  5. consultations with TBC on planning and legal matters
  6. many re-drafts 
  7. approval by Tewkesbury BC
  8. Examination by an independednt examiner
  9. ratification by TBC as eligible for referendum
  10. The Referendum due in the coming quarter
  11. the 'making' of the Plan once the Referendum acknowledges the Parish are in favour

Assuming the Parish agree, the 'made' Plan will become a part of, and will become a material consideration with significant weight in local planning law. It will be a major instrument by which planning applications in the Parish are judged. Failure to meet the Policies in the Plan is very strong grounds for rejection of a Planning Application, and TBC will use these policies to support their views when an application is made. This is particularly so at the moment as the Borough does not have an up to date approved Local Plan of it's own. But Twyning may have - once the residents have voted.

Please take the time to look at the Twyning Neighbourhood Development Plan so when the time comes for you to vote, you know what it is about.
Thank you