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Stinking Willie

Warning to all residents - Stinking Willie or Ragwort as it is also known, is becoming a



regular feature of the countreyside these days and it is poisonous. In particular cattle horses and donkeys, but also watch our for dogs who have a habit of chewing odd greenery at times. It used to be a notifiable weed, but is no longer so. It is the wed you see on the motorways and so the Highways Agency are probably to most effective propagator of this horrible weed.

If you have any at home or see any out and about and are minded to pull it up - do wear gloves and burn the old plants. This kills the seeds. Any root left in will re-generate next year and if it goes to seed, it is spread by the wind, so is likely to further contaminate the land it is on. All in all a highly undesirable weed and worthy of it's reputation.