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Problems with your water?

The recent problems over the water supply in Twyning exercised the local utilities considerably and Tewkesbury BC and Gloucestershire CC likewise. There are a lot of lessons to be learnt from this - particularly as little waas cascaded to the Parish, where we could have made a significant impact on the response some people suffered. Click for more information on what you can do to help yourself or your neighbours ...

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Grass Cutting around the Village

Who is happy with the grass cutting around the village ? The Council have had complaints about too much weed killer being used, grass clippings not being collected and infrequent cutting of verges.

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The new Twyning Defibrillator, mounted on the outside of the school wall, is an important resource for the village. Now that it is commissioned we are seeking volunteers for training in the use of the equipment. So if you are involved in health care - doctor, nurse, care worker, dentist etc please email me if you are interested in a 1-2 hour training course on how to use it.
Equally if you are involved with vulnerable residents, or where accidents can happen - school, pubs, shop, village hall, lunch club etc or just have an interest in this, please also email me. We are trying to get a list together to arrange the training in the next 6 weeks, and need to know numbers first. Thank you



Do we keep the Minibus or Not ? 
This is a recurring theme within the Parish at the moment, and there are strong arguments for and against. Prior to the recent AGM of the Parish Council, the Minibus Committee, were looking to gain a feel for the views of the Parishoners and a survey was started.

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Dog Poo

Local dog owners seem to be taking action against the Council, by removing the notices one Councillor has been putting up to encourage the collection of the poo that the dog owners pets have been leaving behind.

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