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Crime Reduction/Prevention in Twyning 4/10

October 4th - look out for the Gloucestershire Police Neighbourhood Engangement Vehicles where there will be loasds of useful advice about Crime and how to reduce your risk. Get out there and see what they have to offer. There have been a few incidents recently that we don't want repeated, so find out about the latest prevention and reduction strategies. They will be in the Village from 9.30am 4/10/16

Fly Tipping

We are beginning to suffer from fly tipping in the Parish and we are asking for you all to be vigilant. Bob Beetham, our Footpath Warden, has been working with the footpath gang keeping the ways clear for us all to enjoy. Justrecently there has been illicit tipping taking place in Wood End - see pictures

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Dog Poo

Local dog owners seem to be taking action against the Council, by removing the notices one Councillor has been putting up to encourage the collection of the poo that the dog owners pets have been leaving behind.

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Helping those At Risk

Keeping an eye on our neighbours is part of living in a community. And here in Twyning we have a great community.
It is easy though to get complacent about this so we should all be aware of our immediate neighbours and what their needs are - particularly at times of difficulty.

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Grass Cutting around the Village

Who is happy with the grass cutting around the village ? The Council have had complaints about too much weed killer being used, grass clippings not being collected and infrequent cutting of verges.

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Power Cuts

I know - many of us had one this week for an hour or so! If it happens again (and it will) there is an easy number to ring to find out what it going on

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Do we keep the Minibus or Not ? 
This is a recurring theme within the Parish at the moment, and there are strong arguments for and against. Prior to the recent AGM of the Parish Council, the Minibus Committee, were looking to gain a feel for the views of the Parishoners and a survey was started.

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